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  Frequently Asked Questions
What’s the difference between a master and individual account?
There are two types of accounts that can be created for the AHCCCS Online website, MASTER Accounts and INDIVIDUAL Accounts.
A MASTER Account is the administrator for all accounts created under their Provider ID. This includes activating new accounts, removing accounts for those no longer working for the organization, maintaining site privileges for each user, initiating the password recovery process, and maintaining some of the account information for the INDIVIDUAL accounts.
Both types of accounts will allow providers to view eligibility/enrollment information for any valid recipient in the system.
However, providers will only be able to view claim status information for claims submitted by the provider under which the account is created, or an affiliated provider.
For instance, creating an account under a Billing ID, rather than a Provider ID, will allow the account holder to view claims for all providers associated to the Billing ID.
This association is often created for multiple providers using the same Tax ID.
For privacy reasons, providers are restricted from viewing claims submitted by other providers, unless a provider group affiliation is established.
Please contact AHCCCS Provider Registration at 602-417-7670 Option 5 for questions concerning provider group affiliation.

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Can there be more than one master account for each provider?
I have many providers. Do I have to make separate accounts for each of them?
I forgot my password.
I can’t retrieve my password.
My email or other account information has changed. What do I do?
I am a master account holder. How do I activate new individual accounts?
I am a master account holder. How do I remove an individual account?
I am a master account holder. How do I initiate the password recovery process for an individual account?
Why has my account been locked?
Why has my account been deleted?
Why can't I share an account with co-workers?
Why can't multiple account holders use the same email address?
How do I create a Master account?
How do I activate my Master account?
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