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Health Plan Contact Information 
Welcome to the AHCCCS Health Plan Contacts website. This site provides you with a way to find a comprehensive list of available health plans in your area complete with contact information, including a website address, for each health plan. Please select a search method by clicking on the name of the method.
Please note: Native Americans who can receive their health care through American Indian Health Program (formerly IHS\AHCCCS) may choose one of the AHCCCS health plans listed below or American Indian Health Program.

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Acute Care/Integrated Health Plans
HP IDHealth Plan NameContact PhoneWebsite Address
010254CARE 1ST ARIZONA602-778-1800 http://www.care1st.com
010383MARICOPA HEALTH PLAN800-582-8686 http://www.mhpaz.com
010166DCS/CMDP602-351-2245 https://dcs.az.gov/cmdp
010422HEALTH NET ACCESS888-788-4408 http://www.healthnetaccess.com
010497HEALTH CHOICE AZ480-968-6866 http://www.healthchoiceaz.com
010700HEALTH CHOICE INTEGRATED877-923-1400 http://www.healthchoiceintegratedcare.com
010705HEALTH CHOICE RBHA877-923-1400 http://www.healthchoiceintegratedcare.com
010725CENPATICO INTEGRATED CARE866-495-6738 http://www.cenpaticointegratedcareaz.com
010730CENPATICO RBHA866-495-6738 http://www.cenpaticointegratedcareaz.com
010306MERCY CARE PLAN602-263-3000 http://www.mercycareplan.com
010789MERCY MARICOPA RBHA800-564-5465 http://www.mercymaricopa.org
078999MERCY MARICOPA INTEGRATED800-564-5465 http://www.mercymaricopa.org
010299PHOENIX HEALTH PLAN602-824-3700 http://www.phoenixhealthplan.com
010158UNITEDHEALTHCARE800-348-4058 http://www.uhccommunityplan.com
010314UNIVERSITY FAMILY CARE800-582-8686 http://www.ufcaz.com
010115CRS FULLY INTEGRATED800-348-4058 http://www.uhccommunityplan.com
010145CRS PARTIAL ACUTE800-348-4058 http://www.uhccommunityplan.com

Long Term Care Health Plans (Program Contractors)
HP IDHealth Plan NameContact PhoneWebsite Address
110306MERCY CARE PLAN - LTC602-263-3000 http://www.mercycareplan.com
110050UNITEDHEALTHCARE LTC800-293-3740 http://www.uhccommunityplan.com
110088BRIDGEWAY HLTH SOLUTION-L866-475-3129 http://www.bridgewayhs.com
110007LTC DD DES602-542-6857 https://www.azdes.gov/ddd/